Business Internet

Ultra-speed internet services designed to support your mission critical business applications, whilst providing a consistent, seamless experience, using the 5G Networks ultra-speed network.


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Flexible connectivity options

Fast and seamless access to the internet through your choice of wireless, fibre or NBN connectivity.


Immediate access to local support

24/7 Australian based customer support teams  to assist in designing, installing and managing your network.

Product Offerings

Business Internet (Premium Ethernet)

Connect your business at ultra-high speeds to the internet. Powered by the 5GN fibre network, this service securely connects your business to the web for access to cloud, data centre and online business platforms and applications.

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Business Internet (Wireless Ethernet)

High-speed, symmetrical access to the internet. An ideal solution for businesses that need to manage business application performance and require connectivity within days, rather than waiting months for installation. This service can also be used as an additional access service to ensure business continuity.

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Business Internet (NBN)

5G Networks operate a comprehensive managed data network delivering unlimited internet to your premises via the NBN where available.

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