Data Centre Services

Interconnect your cloud services, partners, network carriers and offices through a 5GN Data Centre – your gateway to the digital economy. Our data centres are built with ISO accreditation and 24/7 onsite security to meet the highest uptime and performance standards.

5G Networks Data Centre

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5GN Data Centre

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Business continuity assured

5GN Data Centres deliver on the highest uptime and performance requirements.

Interconnect your digital ecosystem

Connect your business directly and securely to major carriers, cloud providers and private and public clouds.

20+ years’ experience in managed hosting & colocation

Through our rich expertise, you can custom build your own multi-cloud strategy through colocation, or leverage our hosting services in a 5GN Data Centre or connected partners.

Meet your compliance requirements

Safeguard your data with ISO accreditation, business continuity solutions and 24×7 onsite security & management.

Product Offerings


5GN Data Centre colocation services help you safeguard your mission critical data with the highest levels of security and operational reliability, coupled with ISO accreditation, 24/7 onsite security and proven expertise in supporting high-density deployments.

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Data Centre Networking

Access more than 1000+ networks via flexible direct connect, peering and 5GN cloud services. Flexibly build a hybrid cloud by interconnecting offices, data centres and public cloud providers of your choice.

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