A seamless digital experience across Data Networks, Cloud, Data Centre and Managed Services.

We identify ourselves to be leaders in understanding digital technology and how it can be brought to life for our customers.


format_quote 5G Networks are passionate about extending the boundaries of Hybrid Cloud to unlock the true value of our connected Cloud ecosystem. The solution delivers a seamless experience for our customers who can now transform complex digital challenges into opportunities for faster service delivery, increased agility and ongoing competitive advantage. format_quote


Marco Mattiuzzo – Chief Technical Manager

Data Centres & Cloud

Delivering on your cloud strategy. The 5GN cloud seamlessly combines private cloud, public cloud and national data centres, orchestrated and governed by secure management platforms.

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Data Networks

Empowering your business to work smarter & faster.  5GN Data networks connect your business to secure, world-class technologies to enhance both application performance and availability.

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Managed Services

Solutions which optimise our customers’ ICT environments to accelerate the future opportunities presented by digital transformation through strategic consulting, hybrid IT, migration services and 24/7 dedicated Australian based service management & support.

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