Bring PSTN voice capability to Microsoft Teams.

Manage your phone system from Office 365. Tune your workforce for productivity through collaboration and mobility.

MS Teams Calling

Single Platform for Collaboration and Productivity

Connect your internal workforce and external partners seamlessly via persistent chat, PSTN dial, voice and video conference, shared presence and SaaS integration.

Retire legacy telephony and ISDN dependency

No on-premise equipment or separate voice lines required. Service operates over existing broadband infrastructure.

Device Flexibility

Enable audio and video calls from any device with the Teams client.

Built-in Security

Link phone numbers to secure Microsoft Office 365 user identities.

Cost certainty

Call charges included in your monthly charge.*

* Toll and international calls not included

Get in Touch

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Improved Productivity for All Staff

Do More With a Single Click

Boost productivity by combining voice and productivity apps

Easy to Use

There’s no need to learn new tools or have complex PBX management

Use on Multiple Devices

Deliver a unified experience whether you’re in the home, on the road, or office.

Easy Administration

Quickly manage and scale users, add new phone numbers and top up calling plans via a portal.

Simple Accounting

Bring together old and new services on a single bill.

Migrate at Your Own Pace

Move to MS Teams at your pace.

Learn More

Case Study: Marymede Christian College

Marymede Catholic College use Voice Bridge One (VBO) to give the college a flexible, modern and future-proof collaboration platform that is easy to maintain and delivers the robust communications they need.

Blog: Solving the Communication Challenge with MS Teams

Many businesses suffer through the use of multiple communications tools that provide only 'part' of the requirements of the team.With a solution like Voice Bridge One you can pretty much run your organisation’s entire communication platform through MS Teams.

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