A single rate for each dark fibre link no matter the distance

80 Data centres

We've got connections between all the major data centres in Australia

Choose your 5

Simply choose 5 locations within either Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane

5 year price guarantee

Commit now to save yourself a packet later

5GN’s dark fibre gives you the flexibility to decide how, when and where to connect without having to build your own network.

We’re building links to more than 80 data centres and by pre-ordering 5 locations now, you can save yourself a packet later!

We’ve got a great monthly price of $750 per link, that you can lock in for 5 years, but you won’t pay until each link is activated. To take advantage of this great offer, simply choose 5 locations within any city, then fill in the form with your details. Our Dark Fibre sales team will contact you directly to confirm and complete your order.

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