Melbourne based law firm embarked on an important first step in their digital transformation journey by successfully adopting the 5GN Cloud Desktop.

Constantly being restricted by manual processes and legacy systems, accessing critical information and applications was complex and challenging. The firm urgently required a digital service provider to dramatically advance their transformation journey.

Being a mid-sized law firm serving the commercial legal market with a strong emphasis on their clients goals and success, it was critical to identify a digital solution to enhance their workforce and improve the engagement experience with customers.

With a fully operational 5GN Cloud Desktop solution, the mid-sized law firm (100+ employees) are now utilising new collaboration tools to become more responsive and improve client engagement. Through workflow automation and enhanced security for remote working, this firm have also dramatically improved workforce productivity and are now well positioned for a successful digital future.

Having worked closely with the client to analyse their strategic requirements and goals, a 5GN Cloud Desktop solution was deployed.


The clients goals and requirements consisted of

Enhance workforce flexibility and mobility with real-time collaboration
Introduce best practice for data security and compliance
Simplify and automate manual workflows for business efficiency
Enhance client engagement
and experience