Guildford Grammar School, one of the oldest boys schools in Perth, with a strategy to be fully co-educational by 2020, was established in 1896 and is a founding member of the Public School’s Association. Today, it is a thriving educational centre for senior and preparatory students.

With a strategy in place to become fully co-educational by 2020, Guildford Grammar witnessed increasing demands in technology and recent major investments meant that IT support staff continuity became a priority, ensuring they had first class IT expertise on-hand to maintain equipment and provide relevant strategic advice.

Guildford Grammar now enjoy continuity and stability with its embedded IT team, with experts providing on-site technical support and advice for strategic activity.


The customer goals and requirements consisted of:

IT Infrastructure and support to enable teachers to deliver curriculum in the most effective manner
An IT strategy to align with the direction and strategy
Promptly solving IT issues across the campus