5GN Cloud Data Archive

Secure offsite cloud storage without tape

PAYG $0.10c/GB

No contracts

Optional managed services

Now is the time to modernise and fix one of your your biggest headaches – tape storage.

Data requirements grow 50% year on year, leaving many businesses struggling to address maintenance and storage of digital assets.

You may be spending large sums of money for on-premise backup solutions and operational costs, and still only achieve sub-optimal outcomes.

5G Networks’ private cloud data archive service utilises a combination of next generation technologies to backup and replicate your data to secure, off-site storage, automatically. No more manual backups, no carrying tapes home or to a warehouse for safekeeping.

And if you want additional services, we can provide detailed reporting and management, backed by stringent service level agreements to ensure worry-free protection of essential data.

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Retire tape infrastructure and operational overhead​

Protect and preserve your data offsite with end-to-end encryption

Meet regulatory compliance for long term data retention​​

Australian data sovereignty. National geographic redundancy​​

Unlimited retention. Unlimited scalability​​

Cost effective PAYG operating model. No excess data, network or restore charges​​

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